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Did you know Event Conferencing is in high demand?

Posted by Mary Chudina on January 9, 2017 8:49 am


Partners are successfully selling PGi's event conferencing solutions because they are in-demand services as corporations see a need when developing a high profile, large call event. Having experts take care of all the details, from scheduling and briefing presenters before the event to distributing post-event attendance reports and replays, make all the difference in a polished presentation. And having live operators to manage the live call ensures security and quality control.

Why Operator-Assisted Conferencing?
Flawlessly execute virtual events for every business with PGi's Global Operator-Assisted Audio Conferencing services. PG's event experts manage hundreds of high-profile audio events every day for some of the world's largest organizations.

Ideal for Quarterly Earnings Calls, HR Announcements, Town Hall Meetings, and Press Events, PGi offers:

  • Professional event management
  • Advanced Audio Network
  • Global Services

See the overview document here.
Watch this video on Slide Assist.

Consider adding this solution to your portfolio and generate new revenue for your business. PGi's partner sales team will help you with the right solution. Contact your PGi Channel Manager for more information.

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